John originally wanted to call the show -"The Village Cooks"- since we taped in his garage on his estate, the Village Crean, in the Back Bay of Newport Beach. 

But on the first show John set the paper towels on fire. Joey Bishop jumped up and said," Neither one of you are at home on that range!"    

John and I looked at each other and said, that's the name of the show- At Home on the Range. 

The tag line - the cooking show for the deranged- came later....  the show premiered June 2nd 1992 on my birthday. 
The very first 16 shows didn't have a live studio  audience in the garage. 

Three of these shows also had celebrity guests with us in the kitchen. 

 We quickly realized guests got in the way.  

Once we made the decision to ditch the guests, the comedy chemistry between John and I grew.