The recipes in our cook book are based on our comedy cooking show, At Home on the Range…the cooking show for the deranged! Some recipes were used on multiple episodes taped over a six-year period from 1992 to 1998. There were 228 shows taped before a live studio audience in John’s “Garage” in Newport Beach California before the show went into syndication internationally in 1999. Recipes in this book generally will feed four people.


For the maximum success with these recipes we urge you to follow these 6 simple Stove Top Tips to Success:


1/ Always cook with two people in the kitchen. One “Chef” and one “Stirrer”.


2/ Have Frying Glasses by your stove for protection at all times.  Frying Glasses are used to protect the eyes from splattering oil. I suggest a funky pair of sunglasses…red with rhinestones are my favorites!


3/ Rubber Cooking Gloves are essential. All supermarkets sell them.  I prefer the brand name “Playtex Living Gloves”, but really any of the yellow rubber kind are fine. I’ve even found some decorated with ribbons and lace! Always wear them when handling food so nothing gets in your nails or jewelry.


4/ Personal Fan. This item is A MUST for those smelly recipes in the kitchen. Personal Fans can be purchased at most drug stores. They are small  battery-operated fans that usually will fit into the palm of your hand.  Some styles also come with spray water bottles attached for use when you are tanning.  Both adaptations work well in the kitchen. Great for hot flashes.


5/ Stirring Utensils. As a Professional Stirrer, UTENSILS ARE EVERYTHING!  I prefer the plastic kind only because they come in so many wonderful colors and you can usually find some to either match or complement your nail polish.


6/ Good Jokes. As a Stirrer, things can get pretty boring as you stir round and round while things are cooking. Just read some of our great Fan Email Jokes out loud as you stir. This will amuse you and the Chef.  Remember tension in the kitchen in harmful. …. Good Luck!

Barbara Venezia……Professional Stirrer